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Video Chat

Talk easily and quickly with text chat, make audio and video calls, view your communication history to maintain old friendships.

Video chat

Omegle India

Explore the benefits of the new chat. On Benechat.com you will find all the missing functions: the history of connections with strangers, emojis, the choice of gender of the stranger, setting of your profile.

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Chat Rooms

Meet a huge number of users in a group chat. Choosing a specific topic, you will find yourself in a chat room for communication by your interest and region: Tamil, Telugu, Kerala and uther chat rooms.

Mobile chat. Everything is much easier.

Your favorite video chat is always with you: now you can chat and make calls through your phone's browser! You do not need to install applications on your phone. Just go to the site Benechat.com and communicate with strangers through the browser on any device: smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer!

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Private Chat. Be anonymous.

Create a personal private chat for two or more persons. This chat without moderation - by agreement of the parties. Communicate on any topic and be confident about your safety.

Anonymous chat

Share Photo and media. Be popular.

You can share your photos and videos with users in private or group chats. Draw attention to yourself and get more friends, just enjoying the bright moments of other people's lives.

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